1 Gallon Bubble-ishus

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BIG jobs require BIG quantities. Bubble-ishus is a high foaming bubblegum scented wash and wax. It is neutrally pH balanced and biodegradable. Bubble-ishus throughly cleans without removing previously waxed and sealed finishes. It can be used for bucket washing, foam gun, or cannon. Bubble-ishus lifts dirt, grime, road film, brake dust, grease, and residue leaving a just waxed showroom shine. Bubble-ishus rinses freely and will not streak or water spot while repelling future dust, dirt, and rainwater so your car stays cleaner for longer. It is perfect for any professional detailer or the everyday automotive enthusiast that takes pride in cleaning their own vehicle. This product is great for refills on your 16 or 32 oz. bottles and most importantly will save you money.