Luxury Luv Microfiber (Twin Pack)

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Our Luxury Luv Leather and Vinyl Care cloths are premium microfiber cloths designed to clean sensitive authentic leather, vinyl, & synthetic leather. This quality towel will hold leather cleaner, conditioner, spilled liquids, and dirt within its thousands of fibers. Scrub down the surface with Seam Gleam and our soft horsehair brush. Be sure to condition the surface with Leather Luv or Vinyl Luv to keep upholstery moisturized, plush, and soft. Perfect for all cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and RVs seats, dashboards, doorpanels, and other areas for a scratch-free, lint-free, and swirl-free sheen. Can also be used around the house on handbags, boots, shoes, wallets and more. Luxury Luv microfiber cloths are eco-friendly meaning they are washing machine and dryer friendly so they can be reused hundreds of times, saving you money.

Dimension: 15.5in x 12in